Saturday, 2 July 2011

Welcome! (I need a better title)

Welcome to Brain Tree's Comedy Reviews, snappier, sexier titles haven't been considered but I will happily steal any suggestions you may have.

I thought I would produce a rather dull opening post to explain why and how I'm doing this. I'm often put off seeing certain shows because I have nobody to drag along with me and frankly this blog is just an excuse to go to these things by myself without feeling too odd. I will still look odd but don't judge the small woman staring into her G&T/lager/tap water at comedy gig across London, say hi. I won't bite.

I say "across London" I mean the cheapest, most convenient comedy gigs as well as reviews I hope to use this as a bit of a soapbox so  I can talk about various comedy news when I get round to hearing about it. Gig recommendations and comments, however cruel and unnecessary, will be appreciated. I also apologise for the London-centric nature of the blog. I live here, the comedy is here it is totally justified.

Fingers crossed I will have a gig review ready for posting tomorrow evening but this is early days and I'm chronically lazy so please stick with it.


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